Data Warehouse for Primary Health Networks (PHN)

  • 4 source
  • 400+ tables
  • 12 weeks to

Blueprint Data was engaged to support a primary health network (PHN) that was transitioning their mental health intake service to a new internal team with their data and analytic requirements.

To support this transition, and in alignment with the PHN’s broader data strategy, a robust, scalable data warehouse was developed to support the mental health transition and ongoing service delivery.

The new data warehouse expands the data team’s reporting capabilities and responsiveness.  Previously, complicated logic was managed within individual Power BI reports to try and implement the required business rules.

The new warehouse easily increases the business rule capabilities and simplifies reporting by managing rules in a single, easily maintained data source.

With an initial time-to-launch of 12-weeks, the mental health data warehouse has been successfully delivered with many significant objectives already achieved.

Manual monthly and quarterly reporting cycles have been replaced with automatic daily updates, while full history tracking, and auditing is also readily available.

With the successful delivery of the mental health warehouse, the primary health network is currently scoping the next priority areas to integrate into the warehouse, including adding CRM and GP data sources, and tighter integration with the PHN Primary Health Insights data platform.

Our architecture and scalable design model ensure the PHN’s new data warehouse is ready to grow with other parts of the business, improving collaboration and cost-savings across the organisation.