Improving Indigenous health outcomes

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Blueprint Data was engaged by the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health to improve service delivery across its aged care services.

IUIH plans, develops and delivers health, family wellbeing and social support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across southeast Queensland.

It is a rapidly growing organisation, with significant geographical and service delivery growth over the past five years.

Blueprint Data initially worked with IUIH’s aged care team, which provides in-home and centre-based support, to help with their reporting.

One of the unique strengths of IUIH’s business model was the concept of an integrated care model, where clients received services from a range of IUIH services to meet needs.

This posed a unique challenge for aged care data and reporting, which were being manually prepared, including a detailed home care package management system.

The team had no way of collating the information required to effectively manage their program from the many source systems and internal business teams. 

Prior to our engagement, key data and reporting processes were being manually compiled, including a detailed home care package management system.

We worked with the aged care team to implement a streamlined, back-end, data collection and reporting process.

The primary goal was to ensure clients received the services they needed most, in a timely way, with sustainable reporting and management overheads.

However, our automated solution also had other benefits.

The aged care team’s reporting latency drastically decreased with the change from monthly or quarterly reporting to daily, and the rate of home care package budget errors dropped drastically.

Our initial solutions were so successful that IUIH engaged Blueprint Data to expand the solution across the organisation, specifically to support the significant disability, transport, community and clinical programs IUIH deliver.

Their data warehouse solution streamlines data collection from across the organisation and provides an easy-to-use data source for critical business strategy and operations.

We have also worked with the data and research team to improve their business intelligence capabilities.

The highly successful outcomes for IUIH were and continue to be significant, including:

  • Drastic reduction in the time between service delivery and reporting
  • Faster and more accurate-decision-making
  • Improvement in the quality of services
  • Improved operational efficiency and strategic guidance.