Blueprint Data helps solve real health and community problems through powerful, flexible and scalable data solutions.

Whether you are starting out on your enterprise data or business intelligence (BI) journey, or are further down the road, we can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

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Learn to trust in your data with the help of data warehousing. Integrate your data from multiple systems into a single, coherent source of truth, with the confidence of knowing your Data Warehouse is fully auditable, backed by record-level change tracking.

Build the foundation for your BI strategy with a data warehouse solution, knowing your information is tracked, cleaned and organised ready for use by analysts or end-users.

Business Intelligence

Make your data accessible with business intelligence (BI) solutions. BI empowers your team with the data they need to make the right strategic and operational decisions consistently, quickly and easily.

See how you can benefit from innovative, self-serve and interactive BI platforms, or augment your BI strategy through automation with standardised reporting, including minimum data set compliance.