Innovative BI for Mental Health

Blueprint Data was engaged by both Lifeline Darling Downs and West Moreton Oxley Aftercare to improve the delivery of the Partners in Recovery program.

The federal government initiative was brought in to provide support to people with severe and persistent mental illness that often-had complex multi-agency needs.

In addition, the initiative was designed to identify and if possible, resolve local systematic gaps or barriers preventing effective mental health service delivery, reducing avoidable hospitalisations and increasing the sustainability of long-term support services.

Over 50 organisations, including the two we worked with, were contracted to rollout the program nationally.

We worked with Lifeline and West Moreton Oxley Aftercare to improve its business intelligence (BI) strategies so each could more effectively identify where there were local service gaps, track individual client outcomes and manage program reporting requirements.

Blueprint Data worked with the respective teams to develop BI dashboards that encapsulated key performance indicators and desired outcomes.

Backed with strong evidence from assessment tools including the CANSAS, we were able to demonstrate significant, sustained positive outcomes for most clients.  

This evidence directly helped support the ongoing strategic direction and operational delivery of providers and strengthen both organisation’s respective positions when the program was transitioning federally. 

Blueprint Data worked with both organisations to examine the substantial data collected from the service delivery to support ongoing program report requirements, identify at-risk clients, highlight local service gaps and ensure the smooth operational service delivery of the program.

The long-term benefits of these BI insights included supporting a shift from activity-based funding to outcome, evidence-based program delivery and support services.