Many organisations struggle with its data for a variety of reasons, but a lack of it is almost certainly not one of them.  

A data warehouse provides the ‘under-the-hood’ foundation you need to organise, consolidate and transform your data into usable, scalable and valuable information infrastructure.

Data warehouse solutions can fundamentally change and improve the value of your organisation’s data by tracking its history, unlocking new analytical capabilities, increasing efficiencies and improving strategic insights.


Solutions that can scale up and out with ease.

Infrastructure designed from the ground up to ingest high volumes and frequencies of data.

Integrate data from all types of source systems.


A flexible, modular design helps streamline implementation and maintenance.

Accommodate new or changed data sources with ease.


Tested, reliable technical architecture ensures a rock-solid foundation for your data infrastructure.

Solutions backed by robust implementation frameworks and methodologies.


Get up and running in weeks, not months or years.

Eliminate risk and increase return on investment with rapid, agile delivery.


A data warehouse solution will not only support your organisation’s data governance, it will also help implement the tactics identified in your BI strategy.

Build the data infrastructure you need with confidence it can support your business’ requirements as it grows and changes over the longer term.

A Data Warehouse also has several other benefits including:

  • Integrating data across source systems
  • Breaking down organisation silos
  • Enhancing BI
  • Enabling historical insights and change tracking
  • Supporting data governance and compliance
  • Improving data quality and consistency
  • Ensuring scalability and high performance
  • Providing flexibility and easy maintenance, with virtualised interfaces.


Our data warehouse solutions are designed from the ground-up to support an agile implementation approach, supporting rapid, frequent delivery of source-to-BI functionality and easy long-term maintenance.

We stand by the quality of our data warehouse solutions and provide long-term maintenance, support and ongoing development.

Blueprint Data will help you by:

Getting your data warehouse up and running in weeks

Ensuring it is fully modular and customisable

Creating a product that is flexible, easy and fast to maintain

Providing support when you need it.


Each data warehouse is unique, shaped by the requirements, design and technical infrastructure, and implementation methodology.  

Blueprint Data works closely with you before we write a single line of code, to ensure your Data Warehouse design is tailored to meet your specific requirements and infrastructure goals.

Our solutions are based on the latest Data Vault 2.0 specifications. Our unique data integration approach and Hub-Spoke data model forms the core pattern of the Data Vault structure.  

Virtualised and view-based Information Marts ensure maximum long-term flexibility and maintainability. Changes can be handled easily and quickly, without re-engineering the underlying warehouse infrastructure.

Some common components you might expect to see include:

  • Source systems and/or flat file sources
  • Staging, and optionally Persistent Staging Layers
  • Raw Vault, storing source data
  • Logic Vault, storing business-added, cleaned or transformed data
  • Virtual or view-based Star-Schema based Information Marts ready for BI
  • BI reporting and analytics tools.